Stittsville Optometry Makes Donation to CHEO

To celebrate October Eye Health Month, optometrist, Dr. Corrine Motluk made a donation to the Ophthalmology Department at CHEO. Dr. Michael O'Connor and Dr. Annick Fournier, pediatric ophthalmologists, accepted the donation which will go towards the care of children's eye health in Eastern Ontario.

Our vision is often taken for granted. To lose it would be devastating for most people. Vision problems can occur at any age and if not treated in a timely manner may lead to permanent vision loss. Optometrists are the primary eyecare providers in Canada and are the first line of defense in maintaining the health of your eyes. The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends regular eye exams as follows:

  • Infant (6 months) - First eye exam
  • Children & School Age (3 - 19 years) – Annually
  • Adults (20 - 64 years) – Every two years
  • Seniors (65 years and older) – Annually

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